Shamanic Journeywork

Shamanism forms a bridge between the ordinary reality of this physical world and the non-ordinary reality of the Spirit World. Most shamanic traditions speak of three worlds within the Spirit World.

The Lower World – which is home to Nature Spirits
The Middle World – which is the mirror to our physical world in ordinary reality 
The Upper World – which is where we can contact Guides, Teachers, Angelic Beings

Human beings are also a bridge between these two worlds. Because we walk in the Middle World of ordinary reality – feet on the ground, head in the sky – each of us, like the trees, is a link between the Lower and Upper Worlds..

Shamanic Journeywork allows us to slip the veil into non-ordinary reality and walk in the Spirit World, communicating and interacting with the beings who reside there. I do journeywork on behalf of my clients who are seeking connection with and guidance from that world.

shamanic journeywork

Power Animal Retrieval

Helping Spirits, sometimes referred to as Power Animals or Totem Animals, are allies from the Spirit World that come into connection with us to offer us Power, Protection and Support. I like to use the term Helping Spirits due to the fact that these allies are not always in animal form.

Different Helping Spirits may come to us at different points in our lives. We can journey to ask one to come into connection with us to help us when we are facing a challenge or needing guidance and support. Once the connection is made, they are with us for life.

Perhaps there is a particular animal, mythical creature or other being that you feel drawn to. You might have recurring dreams of this being or see it frequently in your waking reality. There could be different times in your life when different totems have come to the forefront.

If any of this rings true for you, there’s a good chance you already have a relationship with one or more of your Helping Spirits.

One of my favorite journeys to do for clients is Helping Spirit retrieval. It is truly an honor to serve as an intermediary in connecting people with a Helping Spirit who comes forward to establish a connection with them.

It has also been my experience that while it is always a surprise for me what beings choose to come forward, it is not always such a surprise for my clients.

Soul Retrieval

In the course of our lives, most of us will experience trauma.

This could be the death of a loved one, being bullied, leaving a home, losing a job, divorce, illness, addiction, neglect, abuse and other events that are dysregulating to our nervous systems.

It’s not uncommon, when we experience trauma, for a piece of us to attach to that event memory and get stuck.

For example, at some time in your life you may have felt like you “left a piece” of yourself behind in a particular place or a former beloved “kept a piece” of you with them after a breakup.

In shamanic terms, these are examples of something called Soul Loss.

Some symptoms of soul loss include feeling stuck around a particular issue, difficulty making decisions, chronic illness, feeling incomplete, and prolonged grief.

In journeying to the Spirit World, it is possible for a shamanic practitioner to find these pieces and bring them home. This is a beautiful process called Soul Retrieval.

shamanic journeywork

“Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.”

~ Rumi

Typical session format:

Pre-journey consultation – 30min

Journey – 30min

Post-journey recording – 10-15min.

Post-journey conversation – (optional) – 15-30min.

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